Welcome to my Site!

Hey! My (user)name is Ebicthings, and welcome to my site! Im a 15 year old Filipino dude (he/him) who has a passion to make things move on your screen! Im currently interested in Cult of the Lamb, fnf, and BFDI, so get ready to see some stuff about that!

My life's mission is to make something that will make a huge mark on this Earth, and make something that you and I will enjoy!

As i'm writing this, I currently dont have a bunch on this place (making a blog sucks balls), but rest assured that I will be cooking up some freaking awesome digital magic for your eyeballs to enjoy. But for now, you can find my youtube and tumblr, and other socials on the sidebar of this site!

So get your popcorn, and get ready to see some really cool stuff! see you soon!